Sushi Chef Training and Certification

Sushi bars everywhere! Do you trust the quality of sushi in your supermarket, in Chinese restaurant or even in sushi restaurant? The quality of sushi is more than freshness or rolling technique. Would you like to pay millions in insurance premium or May we help you serving safe sushi to your clients?

This training is also great for restaurant owner, manager or buyer.
You can add sushi to your existing restaurant with confidence.
We'll assist you obtaining your sushi bar license from your health department.

Bon Koo, has over 20 years of diversified experience in sushi industry.
He is HACCP certified in retail food operation and has extensive hands on experience in sushi operation. Sushi bar at Boston University GSU, Boston College Sushi Nights, BCEC sushi catering are some of the examples.
He offers consulting service to Sushi restaurants to obtain their license: Plan review, HACCP plan and SSOP at sushi bar.

Sushi Chef Training Rate: $39/Hour

Chef Training 1. Sushi & Sashimi fish

  • How to select the best ingredients: 2 hour
  • How to fillet salmon, tuna, Hamachi or hirame(Fluke): 4 hours plus material costs (market price)
  • How to slice fillets into Maki, Nigiri, Sashimi and Temaki style cuts: 4 hours plus material costs (market price)
  • Approved vendors available locally as well as nationally: Certificate of Compliance(US FDA HACCP regulations; 21 CFR part 123, effective March 1, 2001): 2 hours

Chef Training 2. Serving Safe Sushi at Sushi Bar

  • Standard operating procedure and hands on demonstration of Receiving, Storing & Serving/Shipping: 4 hours
  • Monitoring documents (HACCP): 2 hours

Chef Training 3. Sushi rice

  • Kinds of sushi rice & How to steam them: 2 hours.
  • Acidification and PH test: 1 hour
  • HACCP Plan and Documentation: 3 hours, Required by local health department for sushi restaurant license.

Chef Training 4. How to make Sushi: 18 hours plus material costs

  • Sashimi, 3 kinds of Maki, Designer rolls, Nigiri Sushi and Hand roll

Chef Training 5. Sushi Chef Certificate

  • NRA Serve Safe Certificate Training and Test - Refer to ServSafe test.
  • Proof of work experience of 4 months as sushi chef (Job referal can be arranged through our Facebook)

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