The NRA(National Restaurant Association) makes sure owner, manager and handler of food service industry has the most current and relevant materials and tools to offer SAFE FOOD to their customers. Restaurants and food service companies are required to have at least one certified food protection manager and also required to renew their food protection manager's certificates every 5 years.

Bon Koo is a Certified ServSafe Instructor and one of the experts in food safety education training.He is a Registered ServSafe Proctor/instructor in Massachusetts Food Protection Manager Certification Exam and Trainer Directory by State Food and Drug.
He offers the following training and test:

His class is fun, brings years of his hands on experience, focuses on understanding rather than memorizing of food safety principles, helps managers to actively engage in managerial controls, provides various tools to monitor and make corrective actions after careful risk analysis in the flow of foods in a retail operation.

Are you too busy & can not come to us?  Not a problem!

Take the class at your facility!
As you make your reservation, let us know your date, time and location of your class.
Up to 25 miles, all you have to pay is additional $100/trip regardless of how many participants.

Food Protection Manager

1. TEST only

  • 90 minutes Online test by NRA in English, Spanish, Chinese or Korean.
  • Minimum 1 day advance reservation required. ServSafe Class and Exams are available any time between 9 AM and 3 PM from Monday to Friday, pending availability.
  • Call or text 617-216-3830 or Email to make an appointment.
  • Printed ServSafe Certificate is available immediately after successful completion of online exam.
  • Your detailed score analysis of ServSafe test is available after exam.
  • Fee: $96

2. Class and Test

  • 4 hour intensive training: Typical class is offered from 9AM to 1PM on Monday and Wednesday.
  • Course material: the latest ServSafe textbook, tutorial video as well as sample tests.
  • Call or text 617-216-3830 or Email to make an appointment.
  • Your ServSafe certificate is available immediately after successful completion of online exam.
  • Your detailed score analysis of ServSafe test is available after exam.
  • Fee: $135

3. ServSafe Online Course & Test in Chinese, Korean or Spanish

Simplified Chinese (China) - Click to Reserve.

Traditional Chinese (Mandarin) Taiwan - Click to Reserve.

Korean - Click to Reserve.

Spanish - Click to reserve.

Japanese - Click to Reserve

Choke Saver Certificate

This certification is required for food establishments that have seating for 25 or more. If the food establishment has multiple shifts, there must be an employee trained for each shift.

The Choke Saver certification includes the following components: Choke Saver for Adult, Child & Infant, choking person stops responding, plus other breathing emergencies like heart attacks and overdoses.

*CPR, AED, First Aid courses available at additional cost and length of class.


We offer the choke saver certification classes on the first and third Tuesday of each month with a minimum of 6 participants.  The fee is $40/person.

Click here to Reserve your class.


We travel to your restaurant/food service establishment on the second and forth Tuesday or Thursday with a minimum of 6 participants. The fee is $45/person.

Click here to Reserve your class. 

ServSafe Alcohol® training program

The ServSafe Alcohol® Online Training & Test include:

  • The ServSafe Alcohol® training program is developed by the National Restaurant Association and experts who have experience with the risks ​involved in serving alcohol.
  • The ServSafe Alcohol Advanced Proctored Exam after completing training to earn alcohol serving certification.Test result is available immediately after completion of test.

Please make your reservation by email,

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