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  • Kids birthday party and Culinary camp for kids and family
  • Party for friends and family to celebrate Birthday, Holiday, Anniversary, Bachelorette, Bridal shower, Girls night out !
  • Party venue for corporate team building activities : Sushi rolling party, Chef to you, BYOB team building, Networking, Holiday parties.
  • We are also a Serv Safe Instructor | Proctor providing various services to retail food services:
  • Professional training for restaurant managers & owners : Serv Safe Classes, Certification exams
  • HACCP Plans for new & existing restaurants/food services planning to add sushi operation
  • Sushi chef training


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Contact information

MOBIL WEBSITE: m.seatoyousushi.com
ADDRESS: 232 California Street, Newton, MA 02458
Accepts major Credit card and Paypal.
General Email

Hi Bon, Thanks so much for all your efforts last night--so many people were just
so impressed with the food and the decorations. I believe you will have  a lot of new customers soon! I gave Sea to You a ton of plugs last  night, and the Boston Globe photographer took photos of your chef as  well, so I think you will most likely be featured in the article at some  point. The only down side to the evening was that I didn't get to have any  sushi. I gave the last two bento boxes to our two volunteers. One woman  fell and dropped her entire bento box, so we had to give her a new one.  In the end, some people didn't show up, and we let some people in  instead, so I don't really have a sense of how many people actually ate,  but all I know is that I was the only person who didn't get any sushi! My family and I are going out tonight for sushi, though, because I am  really hungry and really craving sushi! Thanks again and hope we can work together in the future!
Hi, Bon Thanks to you, and Jo and the other member of your staffwho was setting up for another wonderful Sushi School.Your introduction was informative and entertaining, and Jo is an excellentteacher. We all enjoyed ourselves so much. In our group we had an three auntsand their niece (they came last time), a staff member's father, students andstaff of MIT, all which make up the community of MIT. Our goal and hope when weplan events is to have events that can bring so many members of the MITcommunity together and your Sushi school is a perfect event for that.Thank you for running such a wonderful program. We definitely will do this again! Best, Ruth  

Thank you for the wonderful sushi platters last night! They were a BIG hit with my party and you have a new group of fans!!!! Best, Darria
Darria Long Gillespie, MD MBA Department of Emergency Medicine, BIDMC Instructor, Harvard Medical School

Bon -- thanks so much.  The sushi was delicious and was a huge hit.  I'll put the check in the mail today.  Thanks again and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future.  Happy Holidays to you as well.  Risa On Dec 13, 2011, at 7:15 AM

Dear  Bon Thank  you so much for  your  Sushi platter  donation. It was a nice surprised such a big gift for us. Four platter made every one's happy and smile.スマイル Sushi platters are wonderful at the reception table.  and  it's  always our favorite. We are really appreciate your support and generous donation. I hope one day you can come our concert and reception ! Wishing a  happy spring for you and your friend and you family! Thank you very much.                                      
Chorus Boston
Shoko Mille

The platter was excellent - thank you!   ~Melissa and Brian On Mar 11, 2011, at 6:51 PM

Your VIP sushi platter on Saturday night, December 11, was a true success. Since, as you know, I couldn't have the gathering at my home yet, I brought it to a party, and everyone was pleased to have something a little different for a change. Plus, it was all delicious, even the wasabi. I passed out your cards to all who were there, so hopefully it will mean even more business.  Many thanks. Jacqui Kelter

Bon: Thank you again for making the platters just for our special occasion. Everybody agreed that the platters were delicious. The sushi was fresh and beautifully made. I appreciated your commitment. Warmest Regards, Patty

thank you for delivering the platter to my house last night , and the Sushi was amazing , will definitely order again when I have another event !!  Rima

Dear Sir/Madam,         Thank you for the delicious 'Vegetarian Sushi Platter' and 'Unagi &   Cucumber maki'; we have enjoyed them!        
With best compliments,        
Theodore & Soo-Leng  Stoddard.

Dear Friend of WGBH,

This Thanksgiving, we want to thank you for your support of WGBH. As the single largest producer for PBS on television and the Web, and a major supplier of public radio programming nationwide, WGBH is the power of public media because of you.

And as you open your door to friends and family this holiday season, please know that you're always welcome at our doorstep: wgbh.org, where you can stream your favorite shows and learn more about upcoming WGBH events.

Happy Thanksgiving, from our WGBH family to yours.


Daren Winckel
Senior Director of Membership

Hi Jane, just wanted to thank you again, the class was absolutely fantastic!! Everyone loved it and it could not have gone any better. The instructors were so engaging and fun, it's obvious that they are experts and love what they do. You were wonderful to work with and I will certainly keep your contact info for future events - would love to work with you again! 
All my best, Shannon
Mikimoto America

To Miki and Bon:

We had SO much fun tonight!!! Thank you for everything and we are going to tell everyone we know to take your class!!

Love, Nikki (Nicole Hilliard)